Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I download Lively?

You can download Lively from the Apple App Store.


When will Lively be available for Android?

Hang tight, friends! We're working on it. 


How much does Lively cost?

Lively is completely free.


Is Facebook the only way to sign up?

Yes. We need your name, profile picture, age, and gender for your profile. Your Facebook profile picture will be your profile picture on Lively. Don’t worry, we’ll never post to your Facebook account.


What do you do with my information?

We will never sell your information. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


How can I change my profile photo?

Unfortunately you cannot change your profile photo, but that’s something we’re working on.


How does Lively work?

Lively’s new group trivia game is a way for people to make new friends in a fun, low-stress environment. Trivia games begin at 3PM and 7PM PST. Each session is open for 30 minutes, and players can join a team at any point during the trivia session. When you open Lively during a trivia session you’ll be placed into the lobby, where you will meet your teammates. The trivia session will begin when you have 2-4 players. Work with your team to answer all 12 trivia questions. Don’t worry—you can get questions wrong and still keep playing! Once you get through all 12 questions you have to opportunity to continue talking with your team, or you may end the chat. Once the entire trivia time block is over you’ll find out how your team ranked against other teams.

If you go on Lively while trivia isn’t in session, you still get to enjoy our group video chat experience, just without the trivia questions :)


What's the point of having filters?

To make team trivia and group chat more fun! Filters also are a great tool for people that want to chat with others, but are a little bit shy about showing their faces.


What is that green “add” button? Will that bring another person into the video chat?

If you’re talking to someone you really like during the group chat, you can tap the green button to add him or her to your friends list. Tapping it will not bring another person into the chat or trivia game.


How is this different from other trivia apps?

A few ways! The biggest being that instead of playing solo, you get to play with a team that you video chat with throughout the entire trivia experience. We also allow a little more leniency with playing times. Instead of making you play at a specific time every day, we give you a 30 minute window to join during each session. That means if you’re in class, commuting home, or just can’t be online at exactly 3PM or 7PM PT, you still have the opportunity to play! Finally, we also allow you to add your teammates as friends if you really kick it off. Our goal is for you to have fun while meeting new people!


How do I play team trivia?

We’ll ask you a question and give you three possible answers. Tap whichever one you think is correct. Don’t forget to work with your team! If there’s a tie we’ll select an answer at random.


How often can I play team trivia?

We host two competitions per day, one at 3PM PT and the other at 7PM PT. Each competition lasts 30 minutes, and you can play at any point during that time period.


When do competitions start?

Competitions start at 3PM PT and 7PM PT every day. Each competition is open for 30 minutes.


Why is there a 30 minute time period to play?

We don't think it's fair to only allow people to play trivia at one or two specific times a day. To make trivia better fit your schedule, you have 30 minutes from when the session begins to join a trivia team and play.


Who am I competing against?

You and your team will be competing against other teams who are playing during that same time period.


How many people are on a team?

A team consists of 2-4 players.


How are teams formed?

Teams are formed at random.


Can I create a team with my friends?

Not yet, but that’s something we’re working on ;)


How do I win?

Whichever team answers the most questions correctly during the 30 minute trivia session wins.


Do I get kicked out if I get a question wrong?

Nope! You and your team get to keep playing.


What happens if I don’t know the answer?

Just guess! No penalty for guessing.


What happens if everyone on my team chooses different answers and there’s a tie?

If you and your teammates cannot decide on an answer, our servers will randomly select one of the answers for you. Remember, work with your team to prevent ties!


What do I win?

A bunch of new friends ;)


Can I use Lively when team trivia isn’t in session?

Absolutely! You can go on Lively at any time and meet new people (or talk to your existing friends) using our group video chat feature.


What happens if I press the friend request button?

If you would like to keep in contact with someone you meet on Lively simply click the Add Friend button. If they feel the same way their profile will appear in your messenger screen.


How do you monitor inappropriate activity?

Safety is our primary concern. We have implemented a number of different ways to ensure your chat is fun, safe, and SFW. We have face detection software that will alert you if the person you are connecting with does not have the camera on his or her face. You can also report users by tapping the “Report” button. Finally, our team actively monitors reporting and will ban users who do not abide by our guidelines.


What should I do if one of my team members is acting inappropriately?

Oh no! We’ve put some safeguards in place to prevent inappropriate behavior, but every once in awhile someone will slip past us. If this happens to you, tap on the screen of the person behaving inappropriately and then an option to report him or her will appear. Tap 'Report'.


How do I turn on/off push notifications?

Go to Settings on your iPhone. Tap notifications, swipe down until you reach Lively, and then toggle the “Allow Notifications” bar.



How do I delete my account?

You sure you want to go? Go to Account and at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a Delete Account option.


Wait, so you guys aren't

Nope! That said, unfortunately we cannot help you out with any questions.


Why won’t Lively let me create an account?

Are you 18+? Unfortunately, at this time you must be 18+ to play. If you're still having issues, please use our support form here.


What are your social handles?

So glad you asked! Follow us at: Facebook: @LivelyApp, Instagram: @go_lively, Twitter: @get_lively


I'm interested in partnering with Lively. Who should I contact?

Let's chat! Email us at


I'm interested in writing about Lively. Who do I contact for a quote/more information?

Please send us an email at