Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I download Lively?

You can download Lively from the Apple App Store.


When will Lively be available for Android?

Hang tight, friends! We're working on it. 


How much does Lively cost?

Lively is completely free.


How does Lively work?

When you open Lively you will be automatically put into Video Chat mode. Pick a topic (or create your own) and you will be connected with another person. You can talk for as long or as short as you like. To end the call, tap the red hang up button. If you like who you're talking to, before you hang up you may add that person as a friend by tapping the green add button if you would like to keep in touch. If one or both parties tap the hang up button you will be connected with a new person.


Is Facebook the only way to sign up?

Yes. We use Facebook so we can take your name, age, school, and occupation and add it to your profile. We will never post to your Facebook account.


What do you do with my information?

We will never sell your information. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


How can I change my profile photo?

That is a feature we're currently working on ;)


Why am I seeing people outside of my region?

On Lively you can talk to anyone, regardless of his/her location.


How do I turn off push notifications?

Go to Settings. At the bottom you will be able to toggle notifications for Daily and New Messages.


What happens if I get matched with someone on Video Chat who wants to talk about a different subject?

We're expecting that to happen a good chunk of the time. It's completely fine to be connected with someone who has chosen a different topic to talk about. Topics are only there as suggestions for icebreakers.


What is the blur feature all about?

Have you ever tried to take a selfie video before? They're not always the most flattering. On Lively you have the option to blur yourself in case you want to keep your identity hidden, you're worried that the lighting/angle isn't the most flattering, etc. The blur will slowly go away over time, but you can always add it back by pressing the "Blur" button.


Can I stay blurred the entire time?

Absolutely! Just keep tapping the "blur" button before you are completely revealed.


What happens if I want to end the chat?

Click the red hang up button on the right side of the screen.


What is that green "add" button? Will that bring another person into the video chat?

No. Currently video chat is only a two-way street and you cannot add a third party to the video call. The green add button is there in case you want to keep in touch with the person you are speaking with.


What happens if I press the friend request button?

If you would like to keep in contact with someone you meet on Lively simply click the Add Friend button. If they feel the same way then their profile will appear in your messenger screen.


What happens if I lost connection during live chat?

Tough luck. The person you were talking with will get a message saying you lost connection. You may have the ability to chat with them again.


I thought Lively was a dating app. Why am I being matched with people of the same/different gender on Video Chat?

The purpose of Lively is to meet and talk to new people, not for dating. That said, you can be matched with anyone, regardless of age, sex, or location. 


What are your social handles?

So glad you asked! Follow us at: Facebook: @LivelyApp, Instagram: go_lively, Twitter: get_lively


I'm interested in partnering with Lively. Who should I contact?

Let's chat! Email us at


I'm interested in writing about Lively. Who do I contact for a quote/more information?

Please send us an email at


What is Lively about and how can I help?

Spoiler alert, you can't. Sad days.